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Top 5 Causes of Kentucky Car Accidents

Analyzing Kentucky State Police Reports

Kentucky is considered pretty middle-ground when it comes to dangerous driving areas in the country; however, there are still more than 150,000 crashes that occur in the state each year. While only a small fraction of these result in fatalities (less than 1%), there is still a push for Kentucky drivers to be more cognizant of which driving behaviors come with the most hazards.

Using the Traffic Collision Facts presented by the Kentucky State Police, we can get a greater understanding of which human, vehicle, and environmental factors account for the most traffic collisions in the state.

It’s important to note that when taking crash reports at the scene, state police are able to indicate up to three driver factors, two vehicular factors, and up to two environmental factors for each collision. The information reported lists the number of collisions in which a specific factor was listed, regardless if multiple factors were contributing.

Here are the top five factors that account for the most Kentucky car accidents.

Driver Factors

Driver factors are listed as contributors in about 90% of the collisions in Kentucky, and much of these are consistent with national trends. Here are the driver factors that play the biggest role:

Distracted Driving or Driver Inattention

Distracted driving and driver inattention consistently cause the highest number of accidents in Kentucky. With over 57,000 collisions that list these as a contributor, they make up over 40% of the total number of crashes that happen in a given year. However, together they only make up a little over a quarter of fatal collisions.

Losing Control of the Vehicle

Making up about 12% of all traffic collisions in the state, losing control of the vehicle accounts for nearly 18,000 crashes each year. What makes these more shocking, however, is that this is the factor that accounts for the most fatal collisions, with nearly 200.

Failure to Yield

Whether it’s entering roadways or waiting for a car that’s exiting, failure to yield is a contributing factor in nearly 15,000 accidents. This is also one of the characteristics that comes with a higher number of fatal collisions and ranks in the top five for factors contributing to fatalities.

Driving Under the Influence

Drug and alcohol involvement in motor vehicle accidents remains a persistent problem all over the country and results in thousands of fatalities each year. This is fairly consistent in Kentucky, where driving under the influence is a contributing factor in over 5200 collisions and 125 fatalities.

Environmental Factors

With nearly half of the state’s counties being rural, it’s no surprise that environmental factors play a large role in the state’s traffic collisions and account for about 20% overall. Among the 13 environmental factors that police can choose to list in their reports, several outrank driver factors when it comes to involvement in traffic accidents.

  • Slippery surfaces: 15,451 collisions
  • Animals: 6,959 collisions
  • Obstructed View and Glare: 2,389 collisions
  • Debris in Roadway: 1,071 collisions

While most of these are out of the driver’s control, they all are things that can be mitigated by going safer speeds in inclement weather, paying more attention to your surroundings, and making sure that you have the appropriate safety features (sun visors, sunglasses) available.

Drive Safer and Save Lives

Car accidents can be inevitable, but controlling and managing the factors that aren’t (distractions, being under the influence) can help make the roads safer overall and help everyone get where they are going.

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